LEGAL OFFICER / Oficial de Justiça

Empresa líder em Petróleo e Gás / Mineração - Luanda, Luanda



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LEGAL OFFICER / Oficial de Justiça
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 Coordinate outside legal services including negotiations of terms and conditions;
 Drawing up Commercial agreements, leases and other legal documents or delegating, in appropriate circumstances any of these duties to outside legal firm under proper guidance and supervision by the legal officer;
 Revision of the dealer contracts, compliance local regulation;
 Advising management of all new legislation related to Petroleum industry and possible consequences for the company;
 Ensure the proper respect of the Share Holders Agreements by the affiliate as well as by-laws;
 Giving oral or written legal opinions on any matter sought by Management;
 Giving unsolicited legal advice in a preventive or pro-active manner to Management in order to forestall serious legal consequences to the company or any of its officers;
 Vetting draft agreement between the company and third parties drawn up by said parties with a view to protecting the legal position of the company in said Agreements;
 Monitoring amicable or adversary recovery of debts owed to the company by clients or others debtors;
 Effecting, when appropriate and with relevant approvals, out of court settlement of claims made by third parties;
 Monitoring compliance with orders and regulations from Government and Administrative agencies;
 Review and issue any information requested from Government agencies;
 Responsible for any legal reporting to the shareholders.


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
3 Anos
Inglês, Francês
Area funcional
Aptidões necessárias

LLM or equivalent degree (ideally Business Law with a solid understanding of tax and civil law) with minimum of three years experience;
Strong command of the English language, French would be an advantage;
Microsoft Suite literacy;
Level-headed and resilient, highly responsive to issues, with the energy and a commercial mind-set to achieve demanding objectives;
A confident communicator and negotiator with excellent conceptual skills and the ability to interact credibly and comfortably at all levels;
Excellent time and team management skills with a positive work ethic and attitude;
Able to work with, motivate and manage teams with different profiles and aptitudes;
Able to learn quickly and adapt to new situations;
Must be self motivated, self-reliant, with an open and meticulous mind; must be able to work on own initiative, reliable and innovative with a strong customer focus.


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Empresa líder em Petróleo e Gás / Mineração

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Empresa líder em Petróleo e Gás / Mineração

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